Confronting rape culture: Local runner's blog post shared nationally

Local runner's blog post shared nationally (WKRC) 

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A Cincinnati runner is caught up in flurry of national attention after a man says she’s asking to be raped because of her clothing.

Laurah Lukin fired back and is taking the sensitive topic of rape head-on.

Lukin wore a tank top and running brief’s a few weeks ago when she placed 2nd in the Little Miami half marathon.

The photo was posted on social media and a man she doesn’t know commented: “She doesn’t have any damn clothes on and she’s running for her wonder joggers get raped.”

The online harassment led Laurah to respond. She wrote a blog with the message that no one's attire ever invites rape -- and it's never okay to blame a victim.

“If he had commented that I didn’t look attractive or had cellulite or I was ugly. I probably would have rolled my eyes and went about my way," said Laurah.

But the man said her race attire is inviting rape, so Laurah ran head first into the controversy.

“It’s not my attire that I should be justifying. I should never have to worry about what I’m wearing or even think about that. It’s not my responsibility to not get raped," said Laurah.

Her blog went viral and it was picked up nationally by outlets like Runners World.

Laurah says says writing is like running, a cathartic exercise she’s been doing her whole life.

“I thought I would read it and a few of my friends and my husband. I thought four people would read it..haha..I never thought anyone else would read it or see it," said Laurah.

Laurah says people from across the country and her close friends in this running group have been contacting her thanking for standing up to the rape culture. Brittany Speed is a friend and fellow runner.

“I think it’s always in the back of female runners minds. That anything can happen when you are on a run and you don’t need those comments perpetuating that fear," said Brittany.

Their running group is called Lao Tong, which means sisterhood. Laurah’s comment have struck a chord with her running sister’s everywhere.

Here’s a link to her original blog.

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