Cool Hand Luke and his father print functional 3D hands

FALMOUTH, Ky. (Brad Underwood) -- You can make just about anything with a 3D printer and inside the Dennison home, the printers are constantly working to improve the life of 8-year-old Lucas (Luke) Dennison. Dennison was born without fingers on his left hand after developing symbrachydactyly, a congenital abnormality of the hand. But two years ago, Dennison's father, Gregg, discovered 3D printing changing his son's life. "He was a little shy about it growing up, hiding his hands if people were staring," said Gregg Dennison. "Now it doesn't' affect him, he shows it off. If somebody says why are you wearing that? He gladly take his hand off and show them what he's got underneath."And when a new hand is made, Luke can't wait to test it out. "When I get a new hand I'm really excited for it. It might have new differences in it to make it look better and do more things," said Luke.In 2013, Gregg Dennison started researching 3D printing and what it could do to change Luke's life. Two years later, they've made about a dozen hands, all prototypes, using printers made in Europe by Ultimaker. Now instead of making multiple trips at dinner time, Luke can carry his plate and cup. He can also play catch with two hands and he has better control while riding the horses at the family's farm in Falmouth. "With the hand I can hold two reins, I also can grab onto the horn on the saddle and pull myself up," said Luke. But Gregg isn't just improving his son's life, he's a volunteer with e-NABLE, a group that makes life easier for kids and adults like his son using 3D printing technology.In October, Gregg and Luke will head to Seattle for an e-NABLE conference to give kids new hands they've made. "This is all 31 pieces for a raptor reloaded hand, it will be donated to a little girl at the conference. "The pair will also attend the upcoming Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire at the Cincinnati Museum Center to show the functional hands. Follow Brad Underwood on Twitter @BUnderwoodWKRC, and LIKE him on Facebook.Follow us on Twitter @Local12 and LIKE us on Facebook for updates!