Couple who complained about Daniel Court Apartments forced out

CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- Local 12 News first reported about mold, leaky roofs and other problems in the "Daniel Court Apartments" in Clermont County's Union Township, back in February 2015. Now through a combination of issues, the couple who brought those problems to light is being forced to leave. Johnny and Diane Brumley have lived at the Daniel Court Apartments for three years. In February, they called Local 12 News because their apartment and their daughter-in-law's both had leaks and mold. Other tenants told Local 12 about similar problems. While the property owner, Elon Properties, fixed the leak in the Brumley's unit and others, Diane said the property manager told her the company wasn't happy about them going on TV."She told me it went viral and Johnny was seen on TV all the way up to New Jersey. And her president didn't like it," Diane told Local 12. When Local 12 News was there in February, wanting us off the property, the apartment manager called the police. She did the same thing when Local 12 was there in July 2015 and refused to speak. In April 2015, when their daughter was forced out of her apartment due to the mold, the Brumley's were forced to take her dogs. In early July they were hit with a barrage of confusing paperwork from the property owners, including a $300 pet fee, which they didn't want to pay. They were also told their lease, which ran until September, would not be renewed so they opted not to pay their July rent.Regardless of the other issues the Brumleys had with Daniel Court management, they made a significant legal mistake when they didn't pay their rent July 2015. Magistrate Christopher Bazeley had little choice by law, other than to give manager Mary Beth O'Keefe what she wanted, the Brumleys out. The Brumleys though said leaving was OK because their complaints forced management to fix many of the moldy units.Local 12 News attempted to talk with the manager of Daniel Court Apartments again Tuesday, August 4, outside the courtroom and she had no comment about the Brumleys being forced to leave. When Diane Brumley raised the issue of management retaliating against them in court, the manager and her attorney did not respond. Local 12 has also had no response from "Elon Property Management" after sending them an email looking for anything they wanted to say about the complaints.

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