Deaths from heroin and fentanyl put a strain on Butler Co. morgue

Deaths from heroin and fentanyl put a strain on Butler Co. morgue (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) -The heroin epidemic continues to take a toll with overdoses escalating.

Sadly, not everyone can be saved. Overdose deaths are on the rise and that's put space at the Butler County Morgue at a premium.

Workers are getting creative to get the job done.

The Butler County Morgue has become a very busy place. Deaths from heroin and fentanyl are rising and so is the body count.

Butler County Coroner Dr. Lisa Mannix says the morgue's cold storage space had to reconfigured.

There was also a need for more cots to lay the bodies.

The Fairfield Fire Department stepped up and donated five of their older cots that were recently replaced by newer transport equipment.

"That's a huge help,” said Dr. Mannix.

Drug overdose deaths continue to rise. Heroin and fentanyl get much of the blame. While no figures have been released for 2017 yet, the first quarter numbers are not expected to be good.

Dr. Mannix expects the drug overdose problem to get worse before it gets better.

She hopes the morgue will not be looking for additional cots and the overdose numbers go in reverse.

“The coroner’s office is the last stop for many people,” said Dr. Mannix.

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