Father and son organize campaign to help disabled man in Bethel

Father and son organize campaign to help disabled man in Bethel (WKRC)

BETHEL, Ohio (WKRC) - A Clermont County man has the community rallying around him.

Mike Tucker has been disabled for 35 years. A brief encounter with a man and his son is changing his life.

On a windy day in Bethel, Mike Tucker hangs out in his usual spot, just like any other day. Right outside his front door in the heart of the village on Plane Street.

Sean French was driving by with his 6-year-old son Jacob last Saturday when he noticed Mike on the sidewalk struggling with bags of groceries, so he stopped.

“I knew he lived close, I walked the groceries over to his house. When we got to door he handed me his keys and asked me to do it saying 'it’s hard for me to do it.' I said 'absolutely' so I did it," said French.

But that’s not all Sean did. He works for Right Now Mobility and knew an automatic door opener would help out a lot.

So he went to social media and started a Go Fund Me page.

A day later, they raised the $1,350 needed and more.

French says, “He has other things he needs done in the house as well. We are going to see how much more we can raise. 100 percent of the money goes to him.”

Mike Tucker tells Local12 a motorcycle accident back in 1982 left him disabled.

He moved to the first-floor apartment a few years ago after his mom who took care of him died.

“Thank you..that’s all I can say," said Tucker.

Tucker lives just a few feet from Advanced Auto Parts. That store's parking lot is where the fundraiser is happening on Saturday. You’ll see a group of kids from a local soccer team washing cars.

Jacob held up the poster that shows how his soccer team, along with their parents are taking part.

"We are trying to make a door so he doesn’t have to go all the way and turn around," said Jacob, a kindergartener.

Mike showed us how he has to maneuver his chair and reach to grab the handle. Sean explained how the automatic door opener will help saying: “He struggles to get this door shut. Now he’ll be able to go down the sidewalk and in 18 to 20 seconds the door will shut behind him and lock.”

It's a small upgrade to his home that’ll make a big difference in his daily life.

If you want to take part in the fundraiser, it’s Saturday, April 22nd in Bethel at the Advanced Auto Parts 421 W Plane Street from 4pm-6pm.

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