FC Cincinnati unveils stadium design, 3 potential sites

FC Cincinnati unveils stadium design, 3 potential sites (Photo courtesy FC Cincinnati)

CINCINNATI, OH. (WKRC) – The wait is finally over as FC Cincinnati unveiled the design of the stadium they hope to build in order to get the club into Major League Soccer (MLS).

The stadium could seat between 25,000 to 30,000 fans and be soccer specific, something required by the MLS.

The stadium also features an outer ring that will change colors.

"I love how they replicated Bayern Munich’s stadium with the outer part of it, I I just love the look of it,” said Jack Bolander.

The stadium design is set, however where it will sit isn’t. At the moment, FC Cincinnati is considering three locations; Newport, Oakley and The West End.

“I would chose The West End, I think it’s the best site to develop the city and it’s actually in the city,” said Mike Bolander. “But Newport is a good site as well.”

Ownership did express a desire to build the stadium in Cincinnati but President and GM Jeff Berding did say to a crowd of season ticket holders the organization will choose the best location to “win the bid.”

There was mixed reaction from the crowd when each location was announced. Overwhelmingly the crowd didn’t like the idea of the stadium being built in Kentucky. However, many bought into the “whatever it takes” attitude.

"I prefer MLS over nothing but I do prefer The West End stadium design,” Ty Wahlbrink. “That's where the young people are, where the soccer fans are. And it would help the area grow even more."

FC Cincinnati is on a tight deadline. The MLS will pick a franchise to join the league by the end of the year. The organization says its kicking in $250 million of its own money and does not plan to ask for a tax increase. However some public money will most likely be needed. That could come in the form of tax increment financing. Berding said the club could break ground as early as the spring of 2018.

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