Hope Over Heroin: Event in Florence hopes to help set addicts free

Hope Over Heroin: Event in Florence hopes to help set addicts free (WKRC)

FLORENCE, Ky. (WKRC) - A local mom who struggled with addiction says her children were returned when she found hope.

That mom is sharing her story in hopes of inviting other families struggling with addiction to a special event this weekend called “Hope Over Heroin.”

The event, in Florence, Kentucky, provides one-stop shopping for those who want to kick the habit, even when they feel like hope is lost.

Lisa Goodpastor is now the proud mom of little Elliana, who is now 4-months-old.

A few years ago, however, things were very different for Lisa.

“I didn't know anyone sober, I didn't know anyone that had made it through,” said Lisa.

So when Lisa and her husband Shane, who were both addicted to heroin, lost all hope, they lost their children.

“We had our children taken, twice,” said Lisa.

The couple went into rehab and reached out to Hope Over Heroin.

“We're ‘hope peddlers,’” said Pastor Cleddie Keith. “We're here to peddle hope.”

Pastor Cleddie Keith and Jonathan Price peddle hope by holding rallies all over the Tri-State all year.

It all started when in Jonathans’ own neighborhood, things were looking grim.

“In one funeral home, there were 14 dead young people,” said Jonathan Price.

When asked if he believes that every addict can be saved, Cleddie says that: “I believe that every addict can be set free.”

At the rallies, family members and friends of those struggling with addiction are invited to be set free, much in the same way Lisa and Shane were four years ago.

“God saved me from a heroin addiction,” said Shane.

“We have all of our children back with us,” said Lisa.

While faith is a very important part of their recovery, Lisa and Shane point out that in the parking lot at the Hope Over Heroin event, there are all kinds of other people who will minister, and bring support services that people also need to stay sober.

“We found the real power of it was to have a lot of different resources from detox to residential living to be represented at a Hope Over Heroin rally or crusade,” said Lisa.

“Hope over heroin means to me, giving back, what God gave me,” said Shane.

“Oh the joy, the peace, everything is completely different, no comparison, everything is different,” said Lisa.

To learn more about the event in Florence, you can follow this link.

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