Local moms offer personal gifts for Mother's Day

Liz Bonis shares some practical and personal gift ideas for mom. (Video: WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The gift of good health is one designed to give mom a little pampering. With some practical help that might make a difference in all the stuff she has to do every day.

Some local moms in the Tri-State are offering a few personal things that you might be able to do with your mom too.

Pedicures are a perfect gift for any mom. Becoming Mom Spa is offering one at a lower cost this week as part of a “my mom rocks” package. They specialize in pregnancy and all mom safety.

“Everything we use on them from the foot files, to the nail files, to the buffers, those are all disposable, so as soon as they leave we throw those away as well as the liner in their foot bath,” said Renee Crumrine from Becoming Mom Spa.

If mom prefers healthy eating, how about a cooking class. The spicy olive offers many, including one on reducing breast cancer risk.

Melanie Cedergren from the Spicy Olive said they focus it on the pink ribbon diet.

“It's not about what not to eat, that's no fun,” Cedergren said. “You know when you’re on a diet and you can’t eat this or that you hate it.”

Cleveland Clinic researchers say you can go one step further and offer to accompany mom on screening tests often recommended for women to stay healthy. These include everything from bone density tests to mammograms.

Finally, maybe mom needs a little grocery shopping help. The Northern Kentucky health department has a free class coming up on eating and managing diabetes. These can help with everything from blood sugar levels to weight loss.

That free eating and managing diabetes class is at the central Campbell County fire house on June 24.

To register, call 859.363.2115 or go to this link for more on any of these gift ideas. You can attend with someone that has diabetes or without.

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