Lockland teens help police track down robber through social media

Two teens helped Lockland Police track down their own suspect through social media. (HCSO)

LOCKLAND, Ohio (WKRC) - Two teens helped Lockland Police track down their own suspect through social media.

Twenty-one-year-old Wanye Coston was arrested and booked on aggravated robbery charges. Coston was booked in jail on two counts of aggravated robbery with a $200,000 bond.

Coston allegedly targeted to two high school students who are smart kids and ended up targeting him.

John Schmurr describes the late-night armed robbery that happened right in front of his home to his daughter Payton and her boyfriend, both sophomores at Reading High School. He said the suspect held a gun to both of their faces.

Police say the suspect pointed a gun, yelling, "Give me all your money, or I am going to shoot you!"

Payton's boyfriend didn't have a wallet, but Payton dropped hers and her iPhone. Then, the 16-year-olds ran into the house to safety.

"I am so relieved," said John. "All it takes is a split second for a gun to go off, especially when he says he's going to shoot them if they don't give him what he wants. All he got was $10 off my daughter; that's all he got."

The robbery on March 12. A few weeks later, Payton's boyfriend stopped by Si's Drive Thru and Carry Out in Lockland. When he was inside, he heard a man's voice, and when he looked at his face, he knew exactly who he was. He logged onto Facebook and found the personal profile page of Wanye Coston. He contacted Lockland Police, who arranged for a photo lineup. Both teens separately identified Coston.

Lockland Police issued a warrant for his arrest, and on Tuesday, April 18, they got the break they needed.

Chief Col. James Toles said, “A citizen had called about a group hanging in front of one of the houses. The officers responded; they were able to ID him right away, knowing he was wanted by us."

On the night of the crime, Coston allegedly tossed the iPhone he stole. Lockland Police used the "Find my Phone" app and pinged it. It was under a vehicle across the street from where the robbery happened. The phone’s been sent to the crime lab to be tested for fingerprints and DNA testing.

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