Marburg Bridge will be closed for 6 months starting Monday

Marburg Bridge will be closed for 6 months starting Monday (WKRC)

HYDE PARK, Ohio (WKRC) – On Monday, the Marburg bridge at Wasson Road will be closed for about six months as work begins to replace it.

The bridge over the old railroad track and the future Wasson Way trail is a major connector of the Hyde Park and Oakley neighborhoods, and detours will create major traffic problems through the summer.

“This one needed to repaired and replaced and we figured it was better to do that before the Wasson bike trail goes in,” said Cincinnati City Council member Amy Murray.

In Cincinnati bridges are graded on a 0-9 scale, zero being a fail and nine being perfect.

The Marburg bridge was last ranked at a 4, one of three lowest rated bridges in Cincinnati.

"You don't really see the bottom, a lot of folks don't see the deteriorated it is and that's why it's important to do the inspections every year as part of business,” said Director of Transportation Michael Moore.

The bridge was built in 1931 by Norfolk and Western Railway and was even widened in the 1960’s.

But crumbling supports have put the bridge in the poor condition category.

"We have been working on this for a long time knowing that the bridge would have to be replaced. I just want residents to know. This is a big deal, a lot of people have traveled this for years and years and it's going to upset your routine. You're going to have to change the way you drive,” said Murray.

The main detour is Wasson Road to Paxton Road to Erie Avenue back to Marburg.

There’s also a secondary route using Brotherton Road, Roseyln Drive and Erie Avenue.

In addition to replacing the bridge it will also be widened again, from 52 to 61 feet. The sidewalks will also be widened.

"We will be going to the community councils in Oakley and Hyde Park every month to make sure they are aware of the progress on the bridge and where we stand,” said Moore.

Engineers will also monitor the traffic flow in the detours to see if additional changes need to be made.

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