"Melanoma Know More" offers free skin cancer screenings, promotes awareness

"Melanoma Know More" offers free skin cancer screenings, promotes awareness (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – There is an important reminder on Wednesday from skin experts as we move into the summer season.

If you are just digging out the summer clothing and noticing a few new spots on your skin, then there is a reminder from Melanoma Know More that some of those spots may need to be checked out to make sure you are not at risk for skin cancer.

Wednesday on Fountain Square in Cincinnati volunteers were handing out everything from educational information to free sunscreen to try and remind everyone about the importance of cancer screenings.

They suggest you have any skin change checked out, but especially check out the spots that are changing in size or color, or have irregular borders.

You also are at greater risk for skin cancer if you have fair skin, a family history of this disease, or if you've used tanning beds at any time in your life.

“We are raising awareness of the deadliest form of skin cancer which is melanoma and Melanoma Know More hosts free skin cancer clinics every month,” said Leanne Marie-Blair of Melanoma Know More. “We see approx 1000 patients every year, we also go into schools and talk about how tanning is terrible, why you should always wear sunscreen at every age, every stage.”

If you want to find out where you can get skin cancer screenings for free you can find that link here.

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