Mosquito warning: Protect against bites which transmit infections

Protect against bites which transmit infections (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – There is a warning for everyone as the area hits a peak mosquito season.

Environmental protection specialists with Hamilton County Public Health got an early warning they are passing to everyone: Be vigilant about mosquito protection.

Everyone is not out of the woods this season for several potential infections that mosquitoes can transmit.

Traps are already in and around wooded areas in the Tri-State that lure in mosquitoes.

“We catch the mosquitoes or we collect the traps every other day and what we do is we identify mosquitoes and we count the mosquitoes to send the Ohio Department of Health for testing,” said Jeremy Hessel of the Hamilton County Public Health.

Jeremy Hessel says the Health Department helps him check the type of mosquitoes and certain types are able to carry certain viruses such as Zika.

The main concern right now however, is the West Nile Virus, which can make you really sick.

The good news?

“We haven't found any disease so far this year in the mosquitoes,” said Hessel.

A wet spring did contribute to an early mosquito season. Hessel says the numbers have leveled out right now.

When the area gets in those periods when its wet and it's dry then you start seeing a peak in the mosquito populations, as there's more stagnant water for them to breed in.

“The things to remember with mosquitoes any year is to protect yourself, insect repellents the Deet [bug spray/repellent] products, the other EPA approves clothing, light-colored clothing, long sleeves if possible,” said Hessel.

Hessel says those items can help kill off mosquitoes if you have standing water on your property.

Worldwide, people are still being warned about Zika, and Ohio does have the type of mosquitoes that can carry this virus.

The Health Department says so far they have only seen travel related cases in Ohio.

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