New addiction treatment program coming to Middletown to help fight heroin epidemic

New addiction treatment program coming to Middletown to help fight heroin epidemic (WKRC)

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WKRC) – There have been more than 500 overdoses in a year, and 74 of them were deadly. Those are the numbers in just one local city.

The heroin epidemic is a major drain on public safety resources. Now there is a new option to help the fight against it.

The heroin and opioid problem is everywhere. In Butler County, nearly 200 people died from heroin overdoses, mostly laced with fentanyl.

To combat the problem, Middletown will soon have another tool in the toolbox.

People were stunned to learn that five people had overdosed on heroin in the same Omaha Street home.

All were administered Narcan and survived.

Now, more help is coming to Middletown in the form of “Choices,” heroin and opioid treatment program.

Director Robert Haley says they take a different approach to the problem.

Choices will be staffed by a doctor, case manager and counselors to care for people who may just be coming in off the street.

Counseling and medication will be key in treatment.

Haley says he has met with city officials to get a clear picture of the Middletown landscape. He says he will approach the problem head-on.

Haley says the goal is to get those in need of treatment back to where they used to be.

Haley says the new treatment facility will have about 175 clients. He does not want to repeat a previous treatment.

For patients, this is not their first rodeo. Haley says addictions such as this would bring down even the mighty biblical “Samson.”

Middletown City leaders say they're spending nearly $1 million a year on drug-related crimes.

The new "Choices" treatment program is scheduled to open next week on Roosevelt Boulevard.

You can find all of our stories on the heroin epidemic in a special section of called “Hooked on Heroin.”

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