NFL's Connor Barwin, Greg Scruggs give back to Cincy kids

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio (Brad Underwood) -- Local kids got some "tips from the pros" on Saturday. Two NFL players with ties to Cincinnati teamed up with Kroger and Proctor & Gamble for a special, one-day camp.The players had much in common with the kids they were there to help. For hometown boys Connor Barwin and Greg Scruggs, it's a chance to interact with kids that they directly connect with. On the other side, how cool is it if you are one of these kids? Doing drills and taking advice from two of their NFL heroes.Former University of Cincinnati Bearcat and current Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin put those kids to the test, finding out who's the quickest or the most powerful. Another quality some of these kids possess that Barwin can relate to is the fact that many of them can now hear thanks to cochlear implants or surgeries. "It's just amazing to see," said Barwin. "I mean if it wasn't for Ohio Valley Voices and that school and those teachers, those kids wouldn't get to be out with other normal kids and they are out here like there's nothing wrong and nothing different from them, so it's amazing what they do and the lives they are changing by helping those kids."Barwin was born deaf but eventually was able to hear after numerous surgeries as a child. For 11-year-old Gavin Ruckes, who was also born deaf, playing catch with Barwin is just "too cool." "I thought it was fun because I like whenever he threw the ball," said Gavin. "He threw a spiral and I caught it. That was my favorite part "Mixed among the students from Ohio Valley Voices, Cincinnati kids from Boys Hope Girls Hope, an organization that gives kids a wide range of opportunities they otherwise wouldn't get. Joining Barwin was Seattle Seahawks defense end Greg Scruggs. Scruggs went to St. Xavier High School and credits Boys Hope Girls Hope with a lot of his success in life. "Boys Hope Girls Hope was tremendous for me," said Scruggs. "My mother trusted them and my ability and she gave me to them and let them help me, grow me and nurture me and provided resources that are immeasurable. They gave me relationship with people that you can't put a price on and it's things like that I'm grateful." Together with help from Kroger and Proctor & Gamble, Barwin and Scruggs were able to help create more positive moments for these kids to remember. Follow Brad Underwood on Twitter @BUnderwoodWKRC, and LIKE him on Facebook.Follow us on Twitter @Local12 and LIKE us on Facebook for updates!


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