Ohio State: Women don't have information needed for best choices with breast cancer

Ohio State: Women don't have information needed for best choices with breast cancer (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new study from researchers at Ohio State University says that many women don't have the right information to make informed choices about breast cancer,

A diagnosis of breast cancer is tough enough, but researchers wanted to find out if women who got that diagnosis were able to make informed decisions, especially about treatment and breast reconstruction.

Researchers at the Ohio State's Comprehensive Cancer Center found that more than half of the women in their study did not have the information needed to answer basic questions about especially breast reconstruction.

Women were not able to match the right appearance, recovery time and follow up surgeries to their own goals.

Researchers in the study suggest that women seek information from health care providers and others that have had surgery.

Pink Ribbon Girls is also a good resource to help you get more information when needed. They have peer support programs.

“It’s so good to gather with other survivors whether breast or reproductive cancer and just be with people that just get it, and that's why our peer support programs are so important to us, to be able to offer these opportunities, in each of the cities that we serve to bring these women together and let them feel like they are with other women that really get it,” said Jan Middleton of the Pink Ribbon Girls.

Pink Ribbon Girls provide free transportation, meals, house cleaning and many medical providers for you to get information. You can find a link to them here.

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