Police: Shooting victim lied about pregnancy

After more than a week of investigating, Colerain Township Police are saying that claims that a pregnant woman who was shot at a party and lost her baby are false. (WKRC)

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - Witnesses and victims in a shooting that left a mother dead and eight others wounded have lied and misled detectives, Colerain Twp. Police Chief Mark Denny said Monday.

Denny declined to comment after issuing a press release on the case. Denny said a woman who lived in the house on Capstan Drive where the shooting happened lied about being pregnant. Police had said Cheyanne Willis claimed she had a miscarriage after being shot in the leg. The shooting happened after a gender reveal party was held at her house.

Denny said it was unusual for victims to be uncooperative during an investigation. His department will meet with the prosecutor's office to discuss whether charges should be filed.

Neighbor Bob Thomas said he wasn't surprised by the allegation that people who were at the house at the time had lied.

"No, it doesn't surprise me a bit," Thomas said.

Thomas lives around the corner from the house on Capstan where Autum Garrett was killed.

Another neighbor said Monday that he had seen a man who lived in the house with Willis yelling and cursing at two men in the street, three weeks before the shooting. And, a police report released Monday stated that a pistol was found in the yard outside of the house the night of the shooting but it belonged to a man who lived in the house. The details add to the mystery of what happened.

Colerain Police have set up a special tip line for this case.

Anyone with information can call or text 513-470-7165

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