Rescue crews recover body from Ohio River in Melbourne

Rescue crews find body in Ohio River in Melbourne (WKRC)

MELBOURNE, Kentucky -- Divers pulled the body of a 43-year-old man from the Ohio River Saturday afternoon hours after his car was found parked near the river with its windows down.

Jim Newman was walking his dog near his home on Harrison Ave. when he noticed the car parked near the river. He said it was odd to see a car parked there.

"I just walked down the boat ramp to see if someone was fishing or to see how much mud was on that ramp and I noticed the guy's wallet was there and next to his wallet was his car keys and his cell phone was also there," Newman said. "I thought I'm going to call the cops. Something's wrong."

Campbell County Police set up along Harrison Ave. to look for the owner of the car. Divers from Boone County Water Rescue found the man's body in about 15 feet of water. The current in the river was rough so boat traffic on the Kentucky side was shut down so divers could safely pull out the body.

"Why he was in the water at this time of night, I do not know and until we find some more information out.," said Campbell Co. Deputy Coroner Al Garnick.

Garnick said the man went into the water at about 2:30 a.m. The person who was with him thought that he got out of the water but he didn't. An autopsy will be conducted Sunday to reveal how the man died. His name was not released Saturday because his family was still being notified.

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