"The War We Ignore" focuses on the heroin epidemic

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Adam Steele couldn't just stand idly by as he saw his friends, one by one, falling victim to the heroin epidemic.

"I just realized how uneducated I was on the subject, and my children as well. So then it was, ok, let's try to gather information and try to tell the kids about it."

Once his eyes were opened to the harsh reality of addiction, his mission was clear.

Adam began working on a documentary, which he titled, "The War We Ignore".

"You're looking at it as, that's a junkie that died on the street." said Adam.

"I'm looking at it as, that's my friend. That's someone's son. It's a human being that had a problem that nobody knew about, and the people who did know about it just brushed them under the rug because, you know, you're an addict."

Hamilton County Coroner Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco believes the documentary could have an impact, saying, "People have to wake up and smell this coffee. It's in every neighborhood. It's in every economic class. Unfortunately it's in every school."

Adam found himself up close and personal with addicts. Some were in recovery and some were still using.

"When I was meeting with them, I was thinking, OK, is this a set up? Am I going to get robbed? And it really wasn't. These were great people that had problems. They really did. They wanted help. They wanted out. They didn't want to live their lives that way."

Adam knows fighting the heroin epidemic is an uphill battle, but he's more than willing to do his part, saying, "I just really want the stigma to go away and the awareness to go up and people to stop turning their backs. I just want to help. I don't know a better way to say it."

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