Identical twin sisters expecting babies on the same day

Identical twin sisters now share more than just the same DNA; they also share a due date. (Provided)

OAKLEY (WKRC) - Identical twin sisters now share more than just the same DNA; they also share a due date.

Katie Wilson and Maggie Chini have done almost everything together over the years.

"We're very similar and we've run together, we've roomed together, we went to the same college," said Wilson.

So, when she found out she was pregnant earlier this year, her sister felt a little left out.

"We were all really excited for them; I was really excited for them, but Tyler and I -- my husband -- had been trying for longer, and she had just gotten married at the end of January, so it was like, 'Are you serious?'" said Chini.

Wilson told the family she was expecting on April Fool's Day. What happened next could easily have seemed like a joke.

"I took the test that night, as soon as I got home and it was positive too," said Chini.

Chini called her sister right away and the two couldn't believe it.

"We didn't think it was possible because, as she said, they had been trying. We weren't planning anything -- if it happened, it happened -- but I told her, she was just waiting for me," said Wilson.

The sisters are due December 11. They're four months along and sharing the highs and lows like they've done with every other life event that's come before.

"Even some of our symptoms that would come up, like when the nausea started and things, we would call each other and both of our symptoms started on the same days," said Wilson.

The twins are having a joint gender reveal party this weekend, but they've already got strong intuitions. Wilson thinks she's having a girl and Chini thinks she's having a boy. Because their babies will have such similar DNA, they'll be more like half siblings than cousins. The sisters didn't plan it this way, but they also wouldn't trade it for the world.

Chini and her husband recently moved from Cincinnati to Kansas, so the twins' parents are actually hoping their babies don't come on the same day since they can't be in two places at once.

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