Vet and dog reunite: Former partners to spend retirement together

Former partners to spend retirement together (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) -Military reunions are pretty common, but they don't often include retired soldiers on four legs.

But on Thursday, an Air Force Patrol Dog started his retirement with a special reunion with his old handler.

Staff Sergeant Adam Wylie and his wife Kelly were a little nervous this morning when they waited for the big reunion.

“It's the longest two minutes of my life,” said Wylie.

Wylie was waiting to reunite with “Emra,” the military working dog he trained and patrolled Osan Air Base with in South Korea.

He hadn't seen her since 2014.

Emra the 9-year-old Belgian Malinois, walked into retirement and back into Wylie's life. It was a touching reunion.

Emra is one of 32 canines reunited with their handlers by American Humane. They picked her up in South Korea and brought her to Cincinnati.

“Emra has worked to keep US troops safe and we owe it to her to have a great retirement on US soil and we're proud to be able to do that for her,”

By early afternoon, Emra's retirement was in full swing.

The partners who had walked the line, escorted Vice President Joe Biden on his South Korean trip and served with honor were now throwing the ball on the farm.

Emra, who has stood tall in the shadow of the North Korea nuclear threat now faces a new life challenge in the form of a new “commanding officer,” Wylie's 4-year-old daughter Chloe.

When Chloe was asked what her first order for Emra were, she said “I'm going to play with her.”

And, like a good soldier, Emra followed orders.

Emra is retiring to the country outside Bethel and she has no routine, no schedule, no job. She's now a farm dog with lots of room to roam, woods and a pond.

She seemed to be adapting quickly.

“She's going to do whatever she wants to do every day,” said Wylie.

Wylie expects Emra will put on a few pounds now that she can eat what she wants.

He also expects Chloe will do a lot to work off those pounds.

The old dog may not learn any new tricks but Emra seems to be learning how to live a new life of leisure with an old friend. It’s all well-deserved after serving with honor.

Adam Wylie is currently on leave. He will retire from the Air Force in May and start a new career as a dog handler with the State Department.

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