Whole-body scanners could detect weapons and drugs

Whole-body scanners could detect weapons and drugs (WKRC)

CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WKRC) - Weapons, gems, explosives, drugs; all items soon-to-be inmates try to smuggle into jails.

Often only a machine can reveal them to corrections officers. Addicts trying to smuggle in heroin has made the problem worse. That was part of the reason Clermont County started looking into new security.

A blow gun, darts, shanks were all items found inside the Clermont County Jail, made by creative, determined inmates. It was what corrections officers can see. It's what they can't see that concerns them such as a lighter on a string swallowed by an inmate, discovered after a tip.

Inmates usually swallow balloons or rubber gloves to smuggle in contraband, usually drugs. A knife shoved inside an inmate is one of the images from the whole body scanner. The company that provides the 21st century search technology to federal prisons made a presentation in the Clermont County jail Thursday, February 9. The jail was looking for something similar to the body scanner.

In the Hamilton County Jail, like an x-ray, corrections officers could see straight through the body. Sheriff Leahy said when inmates were sent to the jail, judges expected them to be safe and and off drugs. The families expect it too.

The sheriff may use money from what inmates spend at the jail commissary to pay for the scanner.

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