Dog recovering after being shot by crossbow

Dog recovering after being shot by crossbow (WHO via CNN Newsource)

KELLOGG, Iowa (WKRC) - A dog in Iowa is recovering after he was shot by a crossbow.

Police in Jasper County are now trying to find the person responsible.

WHO reports that Andrew Worrell found his dog, Scooby, shot with a cross bolt bow on his property.

"It went completely through the animal the thing was if it went this way or through the back that means its a hunting accident or a mistake."

But Worrell says no permits were issued to hunt on his property or the area surrounding it.

Doctors say the arrow punctured Scooby's lung and say it is amazing the one-year-old dog survived. He is now alert and walking around.

"I am not a vengeful person at all. I would like to know what happened," Worrell said. "I would like some help with my vet bills because this is really pushing me back."

Worrell says the vet bill is going to be at least $7,000. He has set up a GoFundMe account to help cover the vet bills.