Report: Texas school blocks 4-year-old with long hair from school

#CBS12Convo: School blocks 4-year-old with long hair from school. (CNN-Newspath)

A four year old boy is not allowed to attend his school due to his hair length, according to his mother.

According to an article by Inside Edition, Jessica Oates claims her son Jabez did not attend school on Tuesday after school officials in Mont Belvieu, Texas informed her that her son, Jabez's hair length is not acceptable.

Jabez has not had a haircut since birth and his hair goes past his shoulders.

Oates says her family is part Cocopah Indian, and long hair is viewed as strength.

According to the article, the school board handbook states that boy's hair should be cut above the eyes, ears and neck. The school district also says they plan to uphold the policy.

Oates claims, “I believe the policy is sexist because they have no hair policy for girls. I am really angry. The fact that my son can’t go to school angers me. It’s outrageous and outdated.'

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