Snake found in Marriott hotel dresser drawer

Five-foot-long python found in Marriott Hotel drawer (WHDH / CNN Newsource)

WORCESTER, Mass. (WHDH / CNN Newsource / WKRC) - A guest at a Massachusetts Mariott Residence Inn found a five-foot-long python in her hotel room.

She immediately notified the manager, who found it in a bureau drawer with a Bible, and called Animal Control.

Patrick Cherry from Animal control said, "The lady had some food, some Kit-Kats, but we just put our hands in very slowly and picked it up. You pick it up by the head and you're all set."

The snake was then taken to Central Mass Aquatics, but he didn't seem too happy to be there.

Richard Wilson, who handled the snake, said, "He was a little restless when he got here. When I first reached in to get him, I got bit on my fingers. I knew it wasn't a venomous snake so it didn't scare me all that much."

Luckily, no one was hurt by the snake but next time you stay in a hotel, make sure you check the drawers.

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