List that has Dalton on hot seat is off base

Richard Skinner says the idea of Andy Dalton on the hot seat in 2017 is ridiculous (WKRC).

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - I like sports lists because they are fun to debate, and make plenty of them myself with which I'm sure plenty of people disagree. So now it's my turn to take umbrage with NFL writer Jason La Canfora placing Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton on his hot seat list of 14 quarterbacks who could be elsewhere next season.

He places the 14 quarterbacks in three different hot seat categories: scalding, lukewarm and tepid.

He places Dalton in the tepid category and wrote the following;

"I could see the Bengals going in a very different direction moving forward should 2017 resemble 2016. And if they do, they could opt to move Dalton and move forward with AJ McCarron as their QB. He's younger and cheaper and while Dalton hasn't been a problem at QB by any stretch, they structured that deal with incredibly team-friendly, pay-as-you-go options throughout. For all the rumblings about them dealing McCarron the past two offseasons, who's to say they don't let him be part of a rebuild and see what they could fetch in return for an established quarterback?"

If 2017 resembles 2016 from a record standpoint it will likely be because third-year offensive tackles Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher struggle, not because of Dalton. That would mean the Bengals will need to find a different starting tackle or two moving forward, not change quarterbacks.

The Bengals have a lot of good personnel on offense and defense and what the outcome of this season depends on is the tackles providing Dalton ample time to throw to a large cache of weapons. If they don't protect Dalton what makes anyone think they are going to protect McCarron any better?

And if the Bengals are going to rebuild why not do it around a proven quarterback?

That's why the idea of rebuilding by changing quarterbacks in 2018 is ludicrous.

The Bengals have a successful bonafide starter at the most important position on the field, who is actually getting better as his career progresses.

Dalton's passer rating last season of 91.8 was the second best of his career. That came despite not having A.J. Green for the last six games and almost all of another, having tight end Tyler Eifert for only eight games and being sacked 41 times, the second most in his career. That came after his 2015 season that was cut a few games short by injury in which he had a rating of 106.2 and was in the discussion for NFL MVP.

Over the last two seasons combined Dalton's rating of 97.7 ranks seventh among all NFL quarterbacks with at least 900 pass attempts in those two seasons combined. Only Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins and Aaron Rodgers are ahead of him.

That doesn't signify a quarterback change should be anywhere on the Bengals' radar.

Look, I like McCarron and think he can start for a lot of NFL teams, but he isn't better than Dalton and has thrown all of 160 career passes-- and that includes 41 in a playoff game. He is a tremendous security blanket for the Bengals ,without question.

If you don't want to take my word for how good Dalton is right now take the word of the highly analytical-based website, which has Dalton being one of the five fantasy football breakout quarterbacks for 2017.

Andy Dalton on the hot seat in 2017? Please, not even if it's tepid.

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