Nevada sportsbook sets Bengals over/under win total for 2017

Richard Skinner analyses the over/under win loss total an online sportsbook has given the Bengals and other NFL teams for the 2017 season.

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The online sportsbook has released its NFL over/under season win totals, and while the Bengals will have to improve from their 6-9-1 record from a year ago to go over the total set, it won't have to improve by much.

The over/under for the Bengals has been set at 8.5 wins, with those wagering over the total having to lay even money, while those who choose the under actually have to lay $1.30 for to earn $1 in return (plus the $1.30 if they do win).

The day the NFL released the 2017 schedules I made a snap judgement prediction for the Bengals 2017 record and had them going 10-6. I know that's a four-game turnaround from last season, and sure there are major question marks on the offensive line, but keep in mind the Bengals suffered their last five losses by a combined 16 points and tied a game. There's also the fact the Bengals picked some players in the draft who have a chance to help right away, plus wide receiver A.J. Green returns after missing basically the final seven games of the season and tight end Tyler Eifert returns from back surgery and playing only eight games.

CG Technology, which is formerly Cantor Gaming, recently released lines for every NFL game for weeks 1-16 (there are no lines on week 17 games, because there are too many variables to consider, such as teams sitting players if they have clinched a playoff berth) and here are the lines for each Bengals game in that span (click here to see week by week lines, and note that the Pittsburgh Steelers are favored to win 13 of the 15 games that lines were set, while the New England Patriots are favored in all 15 games lines were set):

  • Week 1: Ravens at Bengals (-1)
  • Week 2: Texans at Bengals (-2)
  • Week 3: Bengals at Packers (-7)
  • Week 4: Bengals (-3.5) at Browns
  • Week 5: Bills at Bengals (-3.5)
  • Week 6: BYE
  • Week 7: Bengals at Steelers (-7)
  • Week 8: Colts at Bengals (-3)
  • Week 9: Bengals at Jaguars (PK)
  • Week 10: Bengals at Titans (-3)
  • Week 11: Bengals at Broncos (-3.5)
  • Week 12: Browns at Bengals (-8.5)
  • Week 13: Steelers (-1) at Bengals
  • Week 14: Bears at Bengals (-6.5)
  • Week 15: Bengals at Vikings (-3)
  • Week 16: Lions at Bengals (-3)
  • Week 17: Bengals at Ravens (No line due to too many variables)

As you can see the Bengals are favored to win eight games, are underdogs in six games and one game is a pick 'em. Of the six games in which they are an underdog, they are one by 3.5 points or less in five of them.

Whether it be a subjective take like my snap judgement prediction in April or using the CG Technology lines as a guide, I would say the Bengals go over 8.5 wins in 2017.

Of course if Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher flop then all bets are off.

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