Week 2 AP NFL Pro Picks: Will Bengals bounce back?

Cornerback Chris Carr returns the first of four Andy Dalton interceptions (WKRC/Tony Tribble).

CINCINNATI (AP/WKRC) - Each week throughout the NFL season you will find the weekly NFL picks by long-time Associated Press NFL reporter Barry Wilner, and here are this week's selections starting with Thursday night's Hoston Texans at Bengals game (rankings are from NFL Pro32 Poll):

Judging by the performances of their blockers in the opening week of the season, it's fair to wonder if there will be more sacks than points in Thursday night's game between the Texans and Bengals.

Cincinnati allowed Andy Dalton to be trapped five times, half as much as Houston yielded in its loss to Jacksonville. Yes, 10 sacks.

At that rate, AJ McCarron might be on the field soon for Cincinnati because of the battering Dalton is taking.

As for Tom Savage or Deshaun Watson or whoever is taking snaps for Houston, two words of advice: WATCH OUT!

"What we talk to quarterbacks about all the time is put us in the play that you can," Texans QBs coach Sean Ryan said. "We preach that all the time to those guys. They always do their best to see what's going on defensively and get that done for us.

"And then the next thing for the quarterbacks is let's have that clock in your head. Know when it's time to get the ball out of your hands or know when it's time to tuck and go. It's something that you're constantly working with the quarterbacks on and we still work on it and always will."

Looks as if more work is in order.

No. 27 Cincinnati is a 4-point favorite over No. 24 Houston, which also has a slew of people in concussion protocol. It's difficult to believe the Bengals are really as inept with the ball as the Ravens made them look.

BENGALS, 20-13

No. 32 N.Y. Jets (plus 13 1-2) at No. 6 (tie) Oakland

Thought about 10 seconds before making this ...


No. 23 Washington (plus 2 1-2) at No. 20 L.A. Rams

Rams basically had bye vs. Luckless Colts. Redskins more formidable.


No. 4 New England (minus 4 1-2) at No. 26 New Orleans

Tom Brady is mad and isn't going to take it anymore.


No. 3 Dallas (minus 1 1-2) at No. 14 Denver

Solid early season matchup that a true O-line will win. Bengals and Texans should pay attention.

COWBOYS, 17-14

No. 16 Tennessee (minus 1) at No. 19 Jacksonville

Titans have a quarterback, something Texans didn't seem to have against Jaguars.

TITANS, 22-17

No. 29 Cleveland (plus 7 1-2) at No. 12 Baltimore

Can't see Browns winning on road this early, maybe later in season.

RAVENS, 13-7

No. 11 Philadelphia (plus 4 1-2) at No. 2 Kansas City

Two of the NFL's impressive teams in Week 1.

CHIEFS, 23-17

No. 1 Green Bay (plus 3) at No. 5 Atlanta

If Packers win this, stamp them as NFC favorites.

FALCONS, 31-30

No. 9 Minnesota (plus 7) at No. 6 (tie) Pittsburgh

Steelers looked rather blah in their win over Browns. Vikings looked terrific vs. Saints.


No. 25 Buffalo (plus 7) at No. 10 Carolina

Don't be fooled by Bills' home win vs. Jets.


No. 22 Arizona (minus 7 1-2) at No. 31 Indianapolis

A shame this game is missing David Johnson and Andrew Luck.


No. 28 Chicago (plus 6) at No. 15 Tampa Bay

Will Bucs be rusty or chomping at the bit? Go with the latter.


No. 18 Miami (plus 4) at No. 21 L.A. Chargers

Will Dolphins be rusty or chomping at the bit. No matter.


No. 30 San Francisco (plus 12 1-2) at No. 8 Seattle

Seahawks will show some offense this week.


No. 13 Detroit (plus 5) at No. 17 N.Y. Giants

Betting on Beckham returning, making huge difference for Giants.

GIANTS, 21-17


The Broncos made us sweat it out in the final game of opening week. We expect OAKLAND will be much kinder to our nerves.


  • Against spread: 6-9.
  • Straight up: 9-6.


  • Against spread: 1-0.
  • Straight Up: 1-0.


  • Against spread: 1-0.
  • Straight up: 1-0.
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