Miller's Minute on Thursday Night Football

Miller's Minute on Thursday Night Football

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Thursday Night Football is here to stay. Local 12 is one of three networks that will bring you the NFL's 3rd regular prime time broadcast this season, so we're all for it.

We even brought you four Bengals preseason games in addition to what the networks put forth for the league, so we're all in. But why does the league have to separate it's opener, by three days no less?

Fantasy footballers know how maddening this jumping the gun can be-- that much earlier to draft your players, and the greater chance you end up with someone who spends the season on injured reserve or pass over a guy who was supposed to be suspended for more than a third of the season, who ends up eligible for two.

Major League Baseball long ago stole the time-tested honor of its oldest franchise, the Reds, being the Opening Day destination by slipping in a Sunday Night game. And one that has never included the Reds, by the way. It hasn't enhanced the excitement to kick-off the season, it's diluted the drama, especially if you're one of the four teams forced to wait until Monday to get going. Fortunately, here in Cincinnati, we get two games between Sunday and Monday. It would just feel more special if that was the first game played when they host the Texans.

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