Wednesday roundup: Scooter!

Wednesday roundup: Scooter!

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Welcome back to the (semi) weekly Wednesday roundup, where I catch you up on things you may have missed, or things you want to see again.

Scooter Gennett's career night

If you would have told me before Tuesday night I had to decide whether or not Scooter Gennett was going to hit four home runs the rest of the year, or four home runs in last night's game, I would have taken four the rest of the year, and you would have too. Gennett came into the game last night with 39 career homers in 1,755 plate appearances over five seasons, with a career high of 14 last year. And he hit four in one game! That's close to ten percent of his career home run total in a single night. The newest internet fad is to sync up big moments with Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. So, here you go:

Scooter will be donating a lot of his gear from last night to the MLB Hall of Fame, and the Reds Hall of Fame. In an interview with Dan Patrick Wednesday morning, Gennett said he's sending Dan his sliding shorts from the game Tuesday night. Quite the get. You can listen to the Gennett interview with Dan here (hour three, 15:00 mark).

The stat fiends over at FiveThirtyEight also had something to say about the historic night for Scooter, determining that he's NOT the most random player to club four homers in a game.

Here's my favorite stat from the game Tuesday: Gennett had a four home run game, and three MLB teams this year (Giants, Mariners, Padres) do not.

That's a little unnecessary

A few weeks ago I read an article about how the high school referee pool is dwindling, for reasons you might expect. Parents may have good intentions, but some can be downright ruthless to officials. Then, there are these girls, who took matters into their own hands:

What's the ump's move here after this?! Does he just walk off the field? I've been known to hassle officials on occasion, but there's got to be a line drawn somewhere.

Mack on the move

With the OSU basketball job opening, speculation running rampant as to who the Buckeyes will tap to replace Thad Matta. Xavier head coach Chris Mack (obviously) getting some attention, and since his house is on the market, people with nothing better to do saw that as a sign that Mack was DEFINITELY taking the gig up the road. Mack put those rumors to bed on Wednesday.

Anybody got $1.3 million I could hold real fast to buy the Mack family's old pad?

Staying with the Thad Matta news, one of his former players, Mark Titus wrote this week that Matta didn't get the departure he deserved. If you're unfamiliar with Titus, he's the man. He coined the term "Club Trillion" referring to when a basketball player gets to play for one minute and doesn't accumulate any stats, the way it looks in a box score is 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. His book "Don't Put Me In Coach" is a fantastic read. On the back of the book jacket, Thad Matta offered a quote: "Of all the players I coached, Mark Titus was one of them."

Richard Skinner did a great job earlier this week accumulating all of the Matta speculation in one convenient spot.

NBA Finals shift to Cleveland

For the third straight year, the NBA Finals is featuring the same two teams: the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Also for the third straight year, it looks as if the Warriors are going to coast to the NBA Title. Golden State has destroyed the Cavs through two games. Wednesday night is a must-win if Cleveland hopes to repeat the script from a year ago. As far as LeBron is concerned, he's not tired. Don't ask him if he's tired. He's not.

LBJ may not be tired, but there are some Cleveland fans who could benefit from some sleep, like this person who created a likeness of LeBron using dryer lint (WHY DID SHE DO THIS?)!

I can't decide what's creepier in that picture. There is nothing more extra than this.

Coach Coles

I'm a proud Miami graduate, and Wednesday is the fourth anniversary of Coach Coles' death.

Charlie was incredibly kind and gracious to me when I used to write columns for the Miami Student. Always had an encouraging word, always had a second for you. He was a fantastic coach, and I can imagine his family misses him more and more with each passing year. I still have a picture of Charlie Coles at my desk, one Brad Underwood retrieved for me when he covered Coles' jersey retirement ceremony.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Jed's going to do a Charlie Coles section in this article and NOT post Coles's epic rant after that one Kentucky game?" No, I'm going to, but it's a tad unfair that this is the one thing Coles is known for. The rant is epic, but he was much more than this soundbyte. But it's a great soundbyte:

He was the man.

Stick to sports

I'm a big Seinfeld fan. This is a cool article on some of Jerry's girlfriends on the show.

That's all for the roundup this week, I'll leave you with this thought: What if Scooter Gennett always just hits home runs from now on?

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