Wednesday Wraparound: Post All-Star edition as Votto saves Cozart memorabilia

Jed DeMuesy has tons of information and fun in his weekly Wednesday Wraparound.

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - This is pretty much the worst Wednesday of the year. The day after the MLB All-star Game, when none of the four major sports are playing.

Looks like the lawn is getting mowed, or the significant other gets to pick a place to eat tonight where there are no TVs or wing specials. That's fair, I suppose.

Cozart cracks one

Hard to believe the Reds were looking at an All-Star game hitless streak dating back to 2010, but Zack Cozart took care of that with a single in the third inning Tuesday night. What was cool came after the hit, when Joey Votto made it a point to get that ball back for Cozart.

Joey Votto made a lot of news during the All-Star break. Going to attempt to break down all of it here. He winked during his introduction.

Ok then. There was also the interview he did on Intentional Talk.

Votto was also asked about the prospect that baseballs are being juiced. Votto gave a very thoughtful answer.

Here's the deal with Joey: he very rarely talks to the local media, but when he does, it is memorable, and thoughtful. It's enjoyable to see him on this stage where he speaks more often. Votto is in on the joke, and when he holds court, it is must-see TV.


I refuse to talk about this fight. It is going to be awful, and you shouldn't spend your money. It'll be $100 to watch a guy who's never boxed and a guy who hasn't been interested in boxing for at least a decade dance around for 12 rounds and cash a check. I'm not even going to tell you when the fight is happening. I don't want you to watch it.


The Atlanta Falcons are opening a brand new football stadium this fall, and if you've seen any of the renderings/photos of it, they spared very little expense. Stands to reason that the concessions at the stadium will be out of control expensive right? Think again.

These are lower than the prices I set for the fans when I play a dynasty in Madden. I can't remember the time I have actually seen prices this low, especially $5 for a beer? That's unheard of. Good for the Falcons, although not sure if this will make their fan base forget that they blew a 28-3 in the Super Bowl, but hey, cool prices.


So, over the summer there was a photo circulating of a man naked on the bow of a boat (bow? stern? not sure) basically spooning a shark. I'm not going to link to the picture here, because this is a family website. Anyway, the man in the picture looked an awful lot like University of Florida head coach Jim McElwain. The resemblance is not a funny joke to McElwain, and it got less funny and a little awkward when he was asked about it at SEC media days.

Anything else coach??? Seems like he's getting a little too emotional if he in fact was not in his birthday suit with a shark.

Weekly read

Not going to be a book this week, instead it's this fantastic oral history of NBA Jam. Sports Illustrated published this in their "Where Are They Now" edition, so it's been out for a little while. If you haven't read it, you need to. There may be a homework question in the Wraparound next week from the article.

Stick to...sports?

The World Series of Poker is going on right now in Vegas. Some would debate that it's a sport or not. I'm not going to do that here. I don't really care what's a sport and what isn't. A couple of cool moments from the WSOP so far, including one woman catching quad sevens on the turn.

That's brutal. Also, the defending WSOP Champion is out, and he exited with a flush on the river:

PokerGo is a great twitter follow this time of year if you take pleasure in watching other people lose money in heartbreaking ways. Not saying I do, but it's a great follow.

That's it for the Wednesday Wraparound this week, we will see you next week. Be nice to each other.

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