Wednesday Wraparound: Yes, I'm leading with Taylor Swift

Wednesday Wraparound: Yes, I'm leading with Taylor Swift

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - It's time for another Wednesday Wraparound. Let's lock in here folks.

Is it bad if I start with the new Taylor Swift album?

Probably, right? I mean I'd love to talk Bengals, high school football, and all kinds of outher sports stuff, but when Tay Tay drops news this big, it leads the Wraparound. She's got a new album coming out in November. It will be fire.

Count me in. if I could pre-order it now, I would - BIG Taylor Swift guy.

Bengals season closing in

This is a busy time of year around these parts. Richard Skinner is killing it elsewhere on this site with all of his Bengals content. The latest round of content featuring the mid-preseason roster breakdown. I suggest you check it out.

Richard will be a big part of our Bengals preseasons special airing on Local 12. Another big component we shot Wednesday. Aly Cohen landing a big interview with someone who Bengals fans don't hear from that often. I teased it on Twitter. It's an interview I think you all are going to want to see.

Always fun to do something different. More hints on our Bengals special content coming soon.


There was so much hububb about the eclipse this week, I could do an entire column on reactions to this phenomenon. I'll just pick a few items. Odell Beckham Jr just throwing caution to the wind, staring directly at the thing that everyone said would burn your retinas, or something.

Buddy, come on now. The Pro Football Hall of fame did thier best to jump on the eclipse train too.

Not bad. Next eclipse is in 2024 guys. Hang on to those glasses.

Late night bonus

So, because I was bouncing around all Wednesday shooting high school, college, and pro football, I am wrapping up the Wraparound later than normal. It allows me to bring you one of the most horrific ways to lose a game of you're a pitcher. Dodgers and Pirates at PNC Park. Rich Hill took a perfect game into the ninth, a no-hitter into the 10th. Then, the no-no was gone, and so was the game. Cincinnati native Josh Harrison with a walk off home run, which also broke up a no hitter. That is brutal.

There have been plenty of no-no's and perfectos lost in the final inning,, but this one takes the cake. Wait, no it doesn't. Forgot about poor Armando. (Fast forward to the 4:40 mark)

I will never forget watching this game--pure awfulness.

Welcome to Gary Miller!

We have a new member of the Local 12 family: Gary Miller, a veteran of (among other gigs) ESPN. I grew up watching Gary, and I can't express how insane it is to now be able to work with him. I hope all of our viewers will embrace him as we have in our sports department. Gary has done it all - one of my favorite clips was when he was smack dab in the middle of a heavyweight battle.

My book recommendation this week is one that features two of Gary's former co-workers. It's called The Big Show, a book based on the SportsCenter that changed the game - Dan and Keith at 11 p.m.

That's the somewhat abbreviated Wraparound this week. See you next Wednesday.

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