NFL veteran Scott Kooistra teaching the next generation of offensive lineman


CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Before breaking the paper or running through the smoke this fall, some area offensive linemen are putting in work-- in this unassuming building-- Midwest Athletic Performance Center in Mason.

"Our strength coach says what we do int he weight room is the bare minimum" Furman redshirt sophomore Jon Bockhorst said. "It's up to you to get better and pursue your goal in the NFL."

If the NFL seems like a pie in the sky goal, it's brought back to earth, thanks to their instructor: Scott Kooistra, a nine year NFL veteran, now Mason high school's offensive line coach, training the next generation.

"They think they know it all" Kooistra said, "but if you get them earlier when they are freshman, sophomore, juniors in high school to get that fire burning in them to get that scholarship..."

The flame ignited for former Kings offensive lineman Matt Sichterman, he'll be playing at Nebraska in the fall.

"I want to be prepared when I head up to Lincoln" Sichterman said, "I'm pretty positive not everyone in the country has these kinds of opportunities."

They are opportunities not lost on the players, not lost on their instructor either.

"I would have died for it" Kooistra said. "There aren't a lot of offensive line coaching clinics or sessions going on. I would have loved to have a guy who had nine years experience like I do coming up to me when I was a sophomore or a junior in high school saying let's go work out for an hour, hour and a half to work on our stuff, because you think you know everything, but you don't."

"It's just really nice to have that experience around me" Sichterman said. "I've been exposed to some good things here in the Cincinnati area, it's just a blessing to have these guys come in and help me be the best I can be."

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