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Fun and Memorable Mayhem

Fun and Memorable Mayhem

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Greased Pig Contest At County Fair

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:37 PM EDT

 County fairs always have some interesting contests.
 And, we didn't want this one to slip away.
 So, we sent Local 12's Paula Toti to Kenton County Monday night to see what it's like to catch a greased pig.

As people lined up, I did ask the pigs if they were okay with this.
There are two pigs, one for the under 17 division and one for the adult competition.
Participants read the rules before signing up.

"They just let a pig go and you catch it."

There is strategy ... ask the two-time Kenton County greased pig catching champion, who may have been the first to wear cleats. 

"Well, last year it rained ... but just outstanding competitor."

After the hype ... it was time to ... well release a pig and catch it. 
  There was the teen winner, who did it because .. .

"You just get to chase a pig ... what more could you ask for?"

And this year, in what looked to be record time, a new adult champ ... Damon Scutter.

"Confidence is key."

In the interest of full disclosure, people wanted me to join in the competition. Several offered to pay my entry fee.  I just really didn't dress for it this evening.  However, they also said they would get me clothes, and then I just ran out of excuses.  In Kenton County, Paula Toti, Local 12 News.    And more truth behind the scenes... there is not longer grease on the pigs these days..  That's bad for the animals.
It's a soap that is washed off after the competition. 
By the way the adult winner gets a hundred bucks.

Greased Pig Contest At County Fair

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