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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Paranormal Paralegals?

HAMILTON, Ohio (Joe Webb) -- The 200 block of Dayton Street in Hamilton was developed before the civil war.
229 Dayton Dates back to at least 1860 when it was a home.  It's an office today and the people who work here think the building's past may live on in the present.

"Weird things would happen.  The phones, first and foremost, would constantly ring and call each other at different work stations."

"The front door would open by itself.  Many times."

There were thumps and bumps and unexplained footstep sounds.  Shadows that seemed to move.

"I believe there is paranormal activity."

So they contacted Tri-state Ohio Paranormal Society, or TRIOPS, to investigate.  In three trips to 229 Dayton, they've not been disappointed.  Using night vision cameras, laser grids and electromagnetic force detectors TRIOPS blanketed 229 Dayton from top to bottom.
In the basement, they set up a penlight and, as they've done before, they summoned a spirit to light it up.  For the first time, their cameras tracked an unexplained orb that flew toward the light and disappeared into it.

"It's like winning the super bowl because we've been seeing that for so many years.  And we've gotten so much push back on the flashlight evidence."

Push back that the lights are rigged.  We heard those same questions after our story on Ryan's Tavern and the unexplained light show in the basement there.
On this trip with TRIOPS, they had Local 12 News reporter Joe Web take a brand new light still in the packaging, put it together and place it in the same spot in 229 Daytons basement.       
It lit up again.

229 Dayton in Hamilton is now home to the Mckenzie and Snyder Law Firm.  But over the years it's been many things.  It's been a private home, a homeless shelter, for many years it was a funeral home and one of the owners died here. 

Cahill Funeral Home was in business at 229 Dayton Street for 70 years.  Hundreds of people were prepared for burial here.  The bodies were stored in a detached building connected by a covered walkway. 

It was there investigators captured the most startling images during our visit; a series of clearly defined orbs.

"All going different directions.  One going, the big one going right in front of the camera, right there.  You have one that shoots down the side of a wall.  Another one that flies into the EMF detector and goes off in a different direction."

Orbs are often dismissed as reflections off pieces of dust or bugs, magnified by night vision cameras and infrared, or IR, lighting.  But this video was taken with a cell phone camera in complete darkness.

"There is no IR lighting back there.  So there is no reflective light of any kind.  It's pitch dark except for the light on the EMF detector and the light from the gentleman's phone that was taking the video."

The data from the investigation is telling but it only adds up to suspicion, no actual proof.

"Do I believe this place is haunted?  Personally? Yes.  But as an organization I'm not going to say it because I do not have the evidence to back that up.  It's my personal belief."

At 229 Dayton Street the work of Mckenzie and Snyder goes on in a place where the letter of the law and the spirit of the law seem to get along.

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