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Night Owls Have Higher Blood Sugar Levels

Theres an important warning today for night owls, especially if you are trying to better balance your blood sugar levels.
Medical Reporter Liz Bonis has a new study just released in the Diabetes Care journal in today's health alert.
If you like to stay up late and sleep in late, it could be wreaking havoc on your blood sugar levels. We stopped out at Bethesda North Hospital at the wound healing center to tell you more. In this study, they found those who had higher average blood sugar levels, researchers studied what they call the average blood sugar level is significantly higher overall in those who sleep late, and go to bed later.

Now, this is what they call a hyperbaric chamber. It's used to help heal wounds, especially in those with diabetes. But it's important that you also get blood sugar levels balanced for those to heal properly. This study found those with higher blood sugars tended to be night owls. Not sure why, except you may eat later at night, and that can also impact how well medication and
insulin works overall.

So, if you have noticed that you are having trouble getting your sugar levels down, ask your doctor about the timing of your meals, what time you go to bed, and what medication would work best with your schedule.  It might also just help if you go to bed a little earlier, eat a little earlier, and get up a little earlier.




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