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Medical Reporter Liz Bonis investigates e-cig regulations

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Another attempt Thursday to regulate e-cigarettes and other tobacco products.

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing new rules.  They suggest everything from age limits for buying e-cigarettes to health warnings on the products.  The rules suggested Thursday also go after other products but the hot button on the list, e-cigarettes.

An e-cigarette uses an electronic delivery system which is powered by a battery.  It produces a vapor that looks like smoke.  Some contain nicotine and flavorings, others release flavored vapor without nicotine.

Thursday's rules suggest an age limit of 18 but don't go after the way teens get their information such as on-line advertising.  The rules also suggest no vending machine sales of e-cigarettes and the health warnings would be about continued addiction to nicotine.  That is one concern Liz Bonis found when talking to cancer specialists at TriHealth.

Oncology specialist, Dr. Apurva Mehta, said, "My perception of the makers of this product, they are not targeting this as a replacement or a means of quitting.  It may be seen that way as the individual, "Yes I may quit," and "This is an in between step because everything I have tried so far hasn't worked."  But I personally think that they are just looking at continuing dependence on nicotine."

The products would have to be registered with the FDA and support any health claims made with research.  The companies that make them would also not be able to give out free samples.  Right now there is a 75 day waiting period for comments.  More information will be known after that.

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