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Ask the Experts: Loose Hip Joints

CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- A local woman has a great question about what to do when a hip joint comes loose after it's implanted. Medical reporter Liz Bonis asks the experts at TriHealth about it, in today's Medical Edge.

Doctor Dirk Pruis is an orthopedic and spine specialist who says hip pain that leads to the need for a joint replacement can come from a number of problems, " injuries, congenital problems, deformity of the hip, rheumatoid arthritis in younger patients is also very common."

He says if a joint comes loose however after it's been implanted there are a few important things you need to do:  "first thing you need to do is find out why the first replacement failed, many reasons for that, can be malpositioning,  loosening of components, infection is a real common problem... before you can formulate a treatment plan you need to find out the exact reason that it failed in the first place".

He says once you find that out, you need to see your surgeon "if the implant is loose it will continue to move to toggle..and revising it down the road it will become even more difficult."

You can't just put in a filler he says to fix it, "probably not an option, most people ask about a super glue , but it's not an option, you most likely need to have it removed and a new one put in."

What's important to note is that there are things you can do that might make a difference in preserving that joint health, whether it's a hip or a knee, and that can make a difference in avoiding the need for joint replacement long term.  "I would say weight control and exercise would be the two best ways to make your joints last." A little motivation if your joints are in good health now.




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