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Ask The Expert: Foot pain

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- There were lot of complaints of foot and ankle pain at tri-state doctor's offices these days and some of what contributed to the pain might be a simple fix.

Mark smith see's Doctor Haim Cohen, a podiatrist, to manage foot pain after surgery.

To reduce the pain Mark said Dr. Cohen told him, "A good pair of shoes number one and an orthotic insert he prescribed for me.  These have made a huge difference my foot."

Doctor Cohen said a person can get a real pain in the foot any time of year.  But his office visits tend to go up due to this complaint in the summer months.

"We see an increased incidence of heel pain or plantar fasciitis, more ankle sprains, more trauma of feet and ankles, 'cause of sporting activities.  A lot of weekend warriors doing things you wouldn't do in the winter time," said Dr. Cohen.

He also said the real danger was that when a person gets some of these foot complications they can't be active anymore.  And if they don't reduce their eating they will gain weight.

Dr. Cohen said, "This in turn can cause increased chances of overuse syndromes such as plantar fasciitis and tendonitis, exacerbation's of arthritis, and postural changes that can lead to foot problems as well."

The only way to work around this is to find exercise such as swimming.  It doesn't put pressure on the feet and a person can do this until their feet don't hurt anymore.  In addition to that Dr. Cohen said there were a couple of things people can do to help lower the risk for further injury.  It starts with what people wear on their feet on a regular basis.

"Too many people have one pair of shoes and I am not saying people should go out and buy 4 pair of 100 dollar shoes.  But if you are a runner those shoes have specific benefits," said Dr. Cohen.

Benefits that cannot be gotten from flip flops or heels with every step.

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