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MS 150 Ride

Nearly a thousand cyclists are expected this August 2013, to ride up to 150 miles to support those living with multiple sclerosis  in our community.
The Ohio Valley Chapter says that's about 6-thousand people.  One is a woman from Liberty Township and we have her story for you today in our Medical Edge.

Jennifer Stephenson has been living with m-s or multiple sclerosis for more than decade now.

"I have the mildest form, relaxing remitting."

Jennifer and Doctor Colin Zadikoff, a neurologist, met up with us at a practice ride for some of the cyclists.
MS is a disease which impacts the central nervous system. There has been progress for those who have difficulty with movement, because of it.

Dr. Colin Zadikoff, Riverhills Healthcare:
"In fact, more and more, we are seeing people who are pretty much in remission, they haven't had an attack for years now, and their mri's are not getting worse, which is something we never used to see before, or very rarely."

Jennifer's husband JD, and his good friend Steve O'Neill say they are riding in the MS 150, however, not just to raise funds to fight MS, but also because Jennifer's spirit inspires them:

J.D. Stephenson:
"She's one that no matter what is presented in front of her, she'll make sure it gets done."

The money raised in this event will make a big difference in two areas of MS research, mainly in finding a cause, and in looking for a cure, but mainly it is a ride about hope.

Jennifer Stephenson, Living with MS:
"It's so encouraging to see other people the same as me, able to continue caring for families and kids, and active and all those things."

Steve, who lost his dad to MS, also says his Pure Protein Steamrollers also ride to say...

Steve O'Neill, Pure Protein Steamrollers:
"That we care, we are doing what we can, in our small part, to make sure that there's money to help with research to find a cure."

That small part adds up. Those pedaling for this purpose are expected to raise about six hundred thousand dollars for the National MS Society.

To Jennifer Stephenson, that's simply priceless:

"Oh my goodness, a huge thank you, just thank you so much."

If you want to support a team or attend the family fun event at the finish line on Sunday, we have all the details for this ride at local 12 dot com.




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