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Offspring Obesity Study

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati released a new study which says how women lose weight could impact the long-term health of babies.
 Doctor Randy Seeley was the principal investigator in this study.  His team here conducted lab studies on rodents to find out what happens to the health of their offspring when mom has obesity or bariatric surgery to lose weight.

 He says, in people, we do know babies born to moms who are obese or who have diabetes tend to have a greater chance of these same problems later in life.

Dr. Randy Seeley, U.C.

"Meaning, they are more likely to become obese or have diabetes themselves, if mom was obese."

So, when it comes to losing weight, you were looking specifically at one type of surgery what was that?

"So the study was to use rodent models, where we make the mom rats obese through a high fat diet to consume, and then we would do a surgery called a vertical sleeve gastrectomy."

 As this animation, courtesy of you -tube shows, a vertical sleeve gastrectomy makes the stomach about the size of a banana.

But Doctor Seeley points out that in the process it also alters hunger hormones and signals that help mom lose weight, but in his studies the same was not true for their offspring.

In fact, they had more risks for being overweight and getting diabetes later in life.

"Those same signals that might help mom get better, might also in fact put offspring at some peril, in terms of the risk for obesity and diabetes."

"So, I want to be careful here, the take home message here is what?"

"The take home message for moms is exactly as it was before, eating well and exercising during pregnancy is a way to limit the potential of what's going to happen to future generations."

 We can't say yet, that the same is true without this formula. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati say they do now plan to study other types of obesity surgery and see if they get the same results. As always, if you are considering obesity surgery and want to have children following this decision make sure you talk to your own doctor.




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