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Medical Edge: Fitness bracelet rash

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A local woman has a word of caution about a newer fitness tool on the market, designed to help you track activity levels.
"I got the Fitbit because I wanted to get ready for 2014 get in a good mindset, and start thinking about healthy lifestyle, exercise, good food." Katy Crossen started making changes to her diet and lifestyle with an early Christmas present to herself. "This is the Fitbit Force and it's a device that you wear 24/7 with the exception of showering and washing dishes, and it tracks all of your movement."
Katy gets a lot of movement through the steps in her building and walking to work, but after tracking those steps with the Fitbit for just a few weeks a rash popped up underneath it on her wrist. When she saw her doctor, "we believe that I have a nickel allergy. The doctor prescribed two different sets of steroids, oral and topical, and I thought that would work but I still have the reaction.

Katy contacted the company that makes the Fitbit. "Apparently a lot of other people are having this problem too, so they have offered to exchange my device, the Force, with something that clips on your clothing, the Fitbit One, and they are also providing me with a refund for the difference."
We contacted them also and they sent us this statement and apology. They have not however acknowledged how widespread the skin irritation is right now.
Katy is quick to point out that she is not unhappy at all with the information she was able to receive through the device, but she says there are other forms. You can get a clip-on for example, and she simply wanted people to know that. "I think that it's a great device. If you have sensitive skin, I would consider a device other that the Force, maybe the Flex or the One would be good for you, but  I think that it is a great tool to keep track




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