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Medical Edge: The Smile Diet

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Don't be surprised if the next time you go to the dentist's office it is suggested you also hit the grocery store.

Want a beautiful smile?  A new report from nutrition experts with Eating Well has a list of foods to help makeover your smile.  We stopped out at Buttermilk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to talk to Doctor Greg Pohl about it.  He's a fan of a healthy diet-dental connection.  He says we are finding out a lot more these days with new research about this connection.

"Well the biggest thing we are finding out now is the bacteria in your mouth is related to you know, everything that goes on in your body." 

Heart disease, healthy babies, even diabetes may be influenced by bad bacteria in the the mouth which is why this smile makeover food list might matter most over a lifetime.  It's very clear that these foods are not a substitute for proper dental care, you still need to see the dentists often and brush and floss daily.  But they may make a difference in two things.

According to the report perhaps beating bacteria in the mouth first, and giving the body what it needs to fight off gum disease, works like a toothbrush to help fight cavities.

Second, got milk?  It's loaded with vitamin D.

Third, eat nuts and other foods you can crunch such as carrots and celery.  These not only produce saliva to fight bad bacteria in the mouth but the other thing we find out about some those foods is that they are naturally cleansing.  The crunchy veggies, actually help clean the teeth while you are eating.

Fourth, try raisins.  They fight inflammation in the mouth to fight gum disease. 

Fifth, green tea is recommended for it's disease fighting antioxidants.

Sixth, get garlic.  Believe it or not, it works against bad breath.

And finally, yogurt.  It's good bacteria helps give your mouth what it needs to fight back bad bacteria.

Eating these often might really give you something to smile about.




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