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Medical Edge: Extreme obesity increasing

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A new report shows a dangerous trend is on
the rise, called extreme obesity.

You'd never know it when you look at him now but several years ago
Geoffrey Oberhaus says his weight hit an all time high, "probably in the 600 range, I had probably gone from 620 at max down to 550 pounds."
He didn't consult Doctor George Kerlakian initially he said because as an attorney he was pretty content with life. "Then all of the sudden I got to be 35 or 36 and I made partner at my firm and I'm like there's more out there."
There is more out there but many people according to the National Center for Health Statistics may never know it. They have hit weights so high they will likely never be able to get it down to healthy norms.
All the studies show if you are over 100 pounds over your ideal body weight, the ability to lose weight on your own with diet and exercise and medication is less than two percent.
That area of obesity is now known as extreme obesity and it is on the rise. While we have seen a leveling off of some moderate obesity and obesity in children, this area continues to grow.
Oberhaus had weight loss surgery, what's called a Roux-en-Y-gastric bypass to get his weight down, "which is basically changing the size of the stomach to a small pouch, and bypassing about five feet of the intestine."
He still has to work at maintaining his nearly 400 pound weight loss, "I eat whatever I want to eat, I don't eat that or can't eat that, it's about moderation and portion size, and then I am more active."
That activity is key but Geoff Oberhaus says if you are so overweight that you can't exercise, you may want to reach out for medical help.  His joy now is in the little things he says many take for granted. "I can go into Macy's I can go into Nordstroms and go shopping, that was probably one of the most exciting things, once I lost a certain amount of weight, that I could shop in normal stores."

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