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Medical Edge: Bikini Body

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- If the warmer weather has you thinking about a beach body Local 12's Medical Reporter, Liz Bonis, has a great story of inspiration.

Brian Cramer says he decided to make some changes after gong on vacation to the beach, "And I looked in the mirror and I saw this big meatball hanging from my belly."

Amanda Mix says she felt the same way.  About a year ago she was pretty frustrated, "I am usually a happy person but I had gone to the doctors just for a regular check up and I stepped on the scale, it was about 400 pounds."
But with the help of trainer Joshua Harris, Brian  is down about 50 pounds and Amanda's down about 180.  How did they do it? 

Joshua says for Brian, "He was pretty much coming home from work and sitting on the couch and just vegging out, watching TV and eating unhealthy."

That meant his biggest switch was to eat healthy every few hours.  For Amanda it was a little different. 

Joshua says, "What we did when she came to me is we transferred that over into eating more frequent meals, bumping her calories a little, eating healthy, making it a lifestyle, exercising frequently."

What's important to note is that there were several very simple steps they needed to do to get that program in motion.  Those simple steps might also help you get the weight off for summer as well.  First up, both said it helped to sign on to work with a personal trainer.  That meant there was someone there to push them and hold Brian and Amanda accountable for working out.

"You know everyone has an excuse.  If you come in and try you are going to succeed," said Joshua.

Second, both decided no starvation diets, "If you go into a starvation type diet or cutting calories extremely low, your body is not going to support that diet, you run your metabolism into the ground.  Your body will no longer support that diet and eventually you'll plateau off and you'll get stuck," said Joshua.

Finally, both chose an element of surrender.  Which for Amanda, who's husband was in Afghanistan, meant, "Trusting in me, trusting in the process, and trusting if she did her best God would do the rest," she said.

Hard not to notice how well these steps work when you see these results!  If you'd like information about weight loss training program you can call 513-551-9579 or CLICK HERE.

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