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Pet Spot In Norwood Closes Through Monday

At this moment doctors as far away as Cornell University are trying to figure out what's going on here.

As we first reported on Wednesday there appears to be a connection of some kind to The Pet Spot facility in Norwood but no one's sure exactly what that connection is.

Today however the owners of The Pet Spot took a step to try and minimize the possibility that any problem is coming from them.

The facility in Norwood offers boarding, grooming and daycare for dogs.

As of today however the daycare operation is temporarily suspended.

Owners sent an email out to customers saying that "a fourth dog has just been diagnosed with the illness" and they're closing the daycare part of their business until next Tuesday as experts search for answers.

This black Lab named Lanie, was in that daycare last Friday according to her owner.Two days later she died from violent intestinal bleeding. Her owner carried her into an emergency vet center covered in her own blood. At the same time, Russell Gibson was there with his dog Max. Max was showing similar symptoms after being boarded at Pet Spot for four days last week. We met Max and his owner on Wednesday.

Gibson says "so I took him home and I started noticing little spots on the hardwood floors of blood. So I was examining him to make sure he didn't have any cuts or anything and when i got out of the shower there was just this huge pool of blood. "

While Max clearly survived at least three other dogs have not, including Lanie.
Veterinarians say all of the dogs present with sudden violent, bloody diarrhea and vomiting.

All of the known cases have been treated by MedVets...and at least one of the corpses is at Ohio State University for a necropsy.

A sign on the doors at The Pet Spot advises customers to take any animal showing similar symptoms to a vet immediately.

Some tests for infectious diseases have already come back negative, as has one test for salmonella...but no one's sure of anything except that some dogs have become extremely ill.

Everyone is waiting for more definitive test results to come back in the next few days, and while The Pet Spot has temporarily closed it's day care operation, there's still no definitive tie between Pet Spot and the illness.

Pet Spot owners plan to send a new email out updating their customers on Monday.

Today the Ohio Department of Agriculture issued a statement urging local pet owners to "closely monitor their dogs for signs of illness."
They caution "owners should observe their dogs and contact a veterinarian immediately if they show similar symptoms."

Previous Story:
There is new information on a story first brought to light on Local 12.

The Pet Spot in Norwood has closed its door through Monday, August 20 after a fourth dog is diagnosed with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis or HGE..

The following message was sent to Pet Spot customers:

Valued Customers:
In light of the recent stomach illnesses that we have experienced at The Pet Spot, the fact that a fourth dog has just been diagnosed with the illness, we have decided to close daycare from Friday August 16th through Monday August 19th.  We plan to re-open on Tuesday August 20th once the treating veterinarians are able to get test results, identify this perplexing and currently unidentifiable illness, and we are able to ensure we have been able to take every possible precaution to ensure no more of our beloved pets could be put at risk.
Our boarding and grooming services will continue to operate as usual. We are able to ensure that these dogs do not come in direct contact with each other and can take steps to ensure that, if this illness is contagious, they will not have the opportunity to pass the illness on.
We will send out an additional email on Monday August 19th to update you as to the veterinarian's findings and to let you know if there are any changes to the above plan.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please understand, we are making a tough decision to ensure we are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our beloved pets.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
Jeff Voelpel
The Pet Spot
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