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Daughter Fights Parole For Sex Offender Father

The nightmares return for Jessica Hart every time her father is up for parole.
He was convicted of raping her in 1990.

Every time Rick Marshall is up for parole, there is a greater chance he'll get out.
This time, Jessica is even more determined.

In a story you'll only see on Local 12 news, Deborah Dixon shows us this has to do with Jessica now being the mother of four year old twins.

The last time Rick Marshall was up for parole, Jessica Hart's twins were 7 months old. Now they are four, the same age Jessica was when she was raped by her own father

Jessica lived with her family outside the Village of Blanchester. She had a baby brother. Her mother worked nights, so she wouldn't have to leave her children with strangers and worry about abuse. So she left them with their father.
Rick Marshall, the friendly heating and air conditioning guy, was sentenced to 15 to 75 years in prison for what he did to his little girl. That includes making her watch, then imitate, pornographic movies.

Jessica Hart, Assaulted by Father:
"I remember under bridge once in the car several incidents."

Jessica knew what her father was doing with her was wrong when he told her not to tell her mother.

"I wasn't allowed to tell mom. If I told her, he'd whip me. She wouldn't believe me or wouldn't love me anymore."

But she did tell. Her mother did believe. The physical exam confirmed it.

Next week, Jessica will tell a parole board member about her nightmares, then and now, and her fear that her father will re-offend if he gets out.

"If he gets out, we would move. I don't want to live in fear, don't want the them to live the way I lived."

Marshall has been in prison 23 years. In that time, he's participated in one required sex offender class.

"You know he is probably not going to die in there. I can hope."

Jessica isn't ready to explain to her four year olds what happened to her.
Today she just told them mommy is trying to keep a bad man from hurting children.

You can let the parole board know what you think by clicking the red "get it" button, for a link to the prosecutor's office parole watch website.    
You can email messages to the board about Rick Marshall who has his parole hearing in September.



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