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Building Demolition For Streetcar Project

In the old days, they called them car barns, the place where streetcars were kept and repaired while not running.  Today, the City of Cincinnati started making room for a new car barn, just north of Findlay Market, for the city streetcar.
Local 12 News Reporter Jeff Hirsh was there as the mayor said this is further proof that the streetcar project will indeed happen.

"The buildings that you see behind me have to be demolished in order for this new streetcar maintenance facility to be constructed. That's what we're celebrating here today, in addition to the other progress we've made in our city."

Once the old stuff comes down, the new car barn, with two tracks and repair facilities for the city's five streetcar vehicles, will go up.
The 12,500 square foot building can be expanded to hold twelve streetcars, but that's down the road, or down the tracks.  The car barn will cost around 12-million dollars out of the 133-million dollar price tag for the total project.

"Well, this will be a very sophisticated facility. There will be pits in it where the mechanics can go under the streetcars and a catwalk where they can go on top. This will be a modern maintenance facility for a modern passenger train which the streetcar is."

The streetcar is also a political controversy, now in the mayoral race.  Roxanne Qualls favors the streetcar. John Cranley opposes it.
This event was one for streetcar supporters:

Laure Quinlivan. City Councilmember:
"For the people who say, I'll never ride it, I say, do you ever come down town for a Reds game? They say, yes. I say, how would you like to park your car for the Reds, hop on to the streetcar and go out to dinner? And then they start to get it. Everybody's going to ride it, eventually."

Besides the car barn, they're already doing utility line relocation along the route from The Banks to Findlay Market. They'll start putting in the rails in October, and the final conclusion of the streetcar up to this point is September 2016. The long term goal is to take it up the hill to Clifton and then the zoo.




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