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Cincinnati Gang Busted in Suburb

UNION TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- A violent drug gang from Cincinnati thought they'd found the perfect platform to push their product: Clermont County's Union township.

But now the gang's likely to be relocating again ... to prison.  Local 12 has told you before about problems in a low-income apartment complex called Picadilly Square in Union Township.  Tonight one of the biggest causes of those problems is locked up in the Clermont County jail.

It's a drug gang investigators say "migrated" out from the city.  Local 12's Rich Jaffe has a story you'll see only on Local 12 News.

"This was a simple case of supply and demand," Jaffe says.

The demand was from hungry drug addicts.

The supply came from some a group of downtown drug dealers who saw a business opportunity and took it.  But their arrogance and some great police work put an end to it all.

For 17 months, Clermont County investigators had their eyes on drug dealing in a group of apartments at Picadilly Square.

Llewellyn Gordon and his family lived here the whole time.  He says, "It's been hell. It's been hell as I say. I got three little girls here. The first day we moved in I found a syringe on my mailbox, syringes in the laundry room.  My wife and I have had to kick people out of the laundry room because they feel they can just lay up in there and do their drugs ... heroin ... heroin is a bad thing back here."

On June 21st all that changed when Gordon looked out the door and saw police.

He saw, "Guns pulled out...the battering ram...ramming in the door...I'm not sure if any body was in the apartment at the time but all I could hear was, 'Get on the floor.'"

The targets of the raid were the apartments of four people that had been doing business.  But the residents Raeshawn Wilson, Jerrese Williams, Deonta Williams and Sara Buckley were already behind bars on other charges.

Lt Doug Ventry of the Clermont County Narcotics unit tells Local 12, "Their organization basically imploded. They had infighting going on which turned violent."

The massive investigation involved police from Cincinnati, Union Township, Pierce Township, Miami Township, the FBI and ATF.  All organized through the Clermont County Narcotics unit.

Ventry says, "We were able to coordinate the efforts through the Sheriff's office, Capt Steve Leahy."

One of the keys to the investigation was a group of Youtube rap videos in which the drug dealers, like Raeshwn Wilson, could clearly be seen bragging about what they were doing.

Lt Ventry explained, "They were supplying a significant amount of the heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, powder cocaine in this entire region in the Clermont County area.  People were going into Picadilly to buy what they needed."

But not anymore.

Last week the Clermont County Grand Jury handed down more than one hundred charges on those four people.

At least three others have also been arrested.

Investigators also confiscated 17 vehicles.

Investigators tell us members of the drug gang have violent criminal histories in Cincinnati dating back into the nineties.  To give you a sense of how much money they were making, investigators say Raeshawn Wilson the local ringleader laundered much of his money buying upgrades for his cars including a set of five thousand dollar rims for his wheels.



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