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Locals Affected by Government Shutdown

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Angenette Levy) -- Federal employees in the greater Cincinnati area were told to go home when they showed up for work Tuesday as national parks closed interrupting some vacations.
"As a taxpayer, I think they need to work together up there and figure this mess out," said Ronny Lakes, a contract officer at the Defense Contracting Management Agency in Evendale.

Lakes and his colleagues were given letters Tuesday when they arrived at work telling them they were on furlough. Lakes spent the day watching the news to see whether there were any developments.
"You feel like you're a pawn in the whole situation. You know, it's sad. We just want to do our jobs. That's all we want to do," Lakes said.
Lakes and 800,000 other employees deemed "non-essential" are being told to stay home.

The shutdown is shuttering national parks including Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee. Local 12 photojournalist T.R. Gormley and his wife traveled to the park for their honeymoon.
"It was kind of a shock to know a whole day of fun and hiking, which is what we love to do as a couple, we can't do anymore," Gormley said. He and his wife said they saw a line of RV's leaving the park and the streets of Gatlinburg were packed with people who couldn't go to the park.
"It seems rather silly to us that this is impacted simply by a standoff in Congress. I feel like this should never have happened," Bevin Gormley said.
Meanwhile, Ronny Lakes said the last time the government was shut down in 1995, he and his colleagues were eventually paid for the days they lost. He's not sure that will happen this time.
"We're hoping this is going to be short term but you know the letter they gave us says you know not to exceed 30 days but hopefully it will be sooner. Most of us just want to do our jobs. Our main job is to support our war fighters," Lakes said.



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