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Local Workers Feel Impact of Government Shutdown

COLUMBIA TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Jeff Hirsh) -- With the Federal Government shutdown now in its ninth day, some Federal employees in Cincinnati held protest signs in front of their building, saying they want to go back to work. 

The employees of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, on Ridge Road in Columbia Township, say the shutdown is hitting home. 

The majority of us are out of work and pay, said Donna Pfirman, a member of the American Federation of Government Employees.

Pfirman said about 300 workers at her facility have been furloughed.  She said she her bank has agreed to give her one months grace period in paying some bills, but if this continues for an undetermined amount of time, I dont know what Im going to do.  Maybe bankruptcy.
Pfirman said shes also concerned about public safety, as some important health and safety inspections are not being done because those who do those inspections have been furloughed.
Meantime, other businesses are starting to feel the impact of the furlough as well. 

There is a Skyline Chili Parlor in the first floor of the Internal Revenue Service building in Covington.  Normally, the restaurant is packed at lunchtime, but because the of the furloughs at the IRS, only a handful of tables were occupied today at noon. 

Store manager AJ Townsend says with fewer customers, theres less work, and the restaurant is open fewer hours.  Most of the servers are working every other day,he says, instead of daily.  I have a girl at night whos in high school who is not even working.  The store has cut its hours from 10 am to 9pm back to 10 am to 3 pm.

The furloughed federal employees say federal employees say they're concerned about the public because some important health and safety inspections are not being done because the workers are not on the job.

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